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Our Evolution

  • MJSPR was founded in 2002 as “a natural via media” by MJ Srikant, to pursue his entrepreneurial interest and excel in the area of PR.
  • “Quality Excellence” and “Delivering Value” was the driving force of the agency right from its initial days and gained its significance as a PR Agency over time.
  • At the onset of 2006, the agency evolved into a Strategic PR Firm with a comprehensive ability in advocating objectives strategically.
  • Agency shifted operation to its own new corporate office, started the process and created case studies in Strategic PR and Media Campaigns resulting in sustainable advantages for clients.
  • By 2008 the firm became a full-fledged Strategic PR, Image Management and Branding firm.
  • In 2008 firm mulled on foraying into Strategy Consulting with the large knowledge base of 12 industry domains, strategic ability gained through the vast experience and insight gained about the markets, and in 2010 firm forayed into Strategy Consulting and added it as another core service area of the company.
  • In 2013 we added the Digital Strategy Practice constituting Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management as one of our exclusive services under the Branding Vertical.
  • In the last 15 years of existence we have successfully serviced over 320 Clients from 12 different Industry Sectors, transforming their opportunities, delivering strategic value, elevating their brand stature and making things happen.
  • Today we are a Multi Vertical Company, providing end to end solutions in PR, Branding and Strategy Consulting.

As a PR, Branding and Strategy Consulting Firm, our focus is to empower and transform Business Thinking, Enterprises and Brands across all sectors. We achieve this through constant innovation in strategic management thinking, brand strategies and effective advocacy with media, stakeholders, policy makers and public via deep collaborative association with clients and market. Create Path Breaking Ideas and Strategies which when implemented impacts socio – economic parameters and bring a paradigm shift to the conventional order.


Committed to Deliver Value

We set high standards of delivering value; we are committed in making sure our Research, Strategies and Ideas are seen translated into positive change and transformation by clients. Our work should lead to the client approaching and executing business in new ways that puts them in a sustainable growth path and bring competitive advantage.


At MJSPR we believe Diversity is one of the important sources of innovation and creativity. We have people from diverse backgrounds working with us and contributing to the company. Diversity of backgrounds, virgin thought processes, experiences and Ideas give rise to fresh thinking, new possibilities and innovative scale of involvement.

Human Element

Every Individual irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and sexual orientation gets equal opportunities and is recognized truly on the merit of the individual’s involvement and contributions towards the company. We treat people with consideration. Irrespective of their position, their ideas are considered and given value purely on the merit of it. We respect the talent and beliefs of all we come across in the course of our work from our employees, clients, new trainee recruits to our business associates and vendors.

Social Impact

We look forward to create positive socio – economic implications touching lives of many in the society through the strategies and innovative ideas we evolve for clients and the ones which we evolve as a part of our research and development efforts.

Client Comes First

When we associate with clients, we put their strategic interest in the priority and are wholeheartedly committed to the success of our clients; in any trade off considerations we put the client first.


We were always clear and assertive with the market about our uncompromising attitude towards quality and excellence, that is what mattered to us the most and this drove us to always derive a higher approach, make higher decisions and implement best business practices in every aspect of our journey.

We allowed our work to Position ourselves in the market. We let our Approach, Brand Focus, Brand Direction and Strengths & Expertise to have a market perception created about our brand.

Our response to anything and everything was driven by our Vision, Principles and Values which formed our organizational character, this became one of the primary reasons why the market and clients took us seriously and began inducing their trust in us as an able partner to help them transform their enterprises with consistent evolution towards value based long term sustainable growth.

Over the years since inception, the market has positioned MJSPR as one of the most valuable PR, Branding and Strategy Consulting Firms which is solely based on the results they have experienced with us.

Our team of diverse talent pool consist of expert Strategists, Research Analysts, Brand Management & Media Experts, Digital Marketing & Social Media Management Experts, and Creative Design & Visual Communication talents lead by our Founder & CEO Mr. MJ Srikant.


With a strong network established in 35 cities across the nation – both tier 1 and tier 2 cities included we deliver client needs at a National Level.

With a network of 800+ journalists across the nation, priority access to Media Corridors and the best Media Minds in the country, we conceive and deliver successful comprehensive media campaigns that leverage myriad strategic advantages to the Brand.

  6. IT & ITES
  8. MICE –Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions
  11. CSR & NGO


Passion becomes the epitome and root cause of excellence. Excellence takes you to dimensions beyond success and when that happens, your sustenance gains value of the highest order. On the other hand, whether it is in life or in entrepreneurial aspirations, passion outlines the purpose and purpose is what helps you define what the endeavour should be all about. Hence, when you find your endeavours resulting from the source of your passion, the purpose connected to it makes it an intuitive and self-guided affair.

And that’s what the Leadership at MJSPR has always done in the last 15 years and will continue through into the future, to allow people to choose and involve in endeavours that are connected to the purpose of their passion, the leadership has consistently focused on sustaining an environment where there is an essence of natural reciprocity & responsibility and not an environment that depends on an induced sense of responsibility and Ownership. This yardstick of leadership has been in practice at MJSPR seamlessly across its Senior Management Team, Staff, Stakeholders and Vendors ever since the inception of company in 2002.

In essence, at MJSPR the Leadership attaches highest importance to Passion, Purpose and People, the essential 3Ps of Leadership where in People operate from the Purpose of their Passion. This is one of the reasons why our process of Talent Recognition, Acquisition and Development have been and will remain unconventional.

Our Founder and CEO Mr. MJ Srikant is the architect and torch bearer of the Leadership Principles practiced by the company and always persisted people to develop an attitude of self-leadership and self-empowerment.

Mr. MJ Srikant is a Strategist and Media Domain Expert with over close to 20 years of experience with enterprise market and the media. He has consulted with several top brands of the Country in establishing and elevating their enterprise brands. In his career he has Conceived & Strategized Liaison Activities with Chief Ministers Governors, Ministers, Bureaucrats, and also with Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his Prime Ministerial term.

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