What We Do and Believe

We create compelling ways to convey your enterprise story. We change the way people perceive, interact and engage with your Business, Brands, Products or Services, helping you evolve a Brand of Trust, Value and Longevity.

Our branding team consists of Brand Strategists, Brand Communication Experts, Digital Marketing Experts, Design Thinkers and a Team of Creative Designers and Visual Communication Professionals.

Together, we impart and empower organizations with the Knowledge, Approach, Methods, Strategies and Tactics required for Evolving, Developing and Sustaining their Brands with a competitive advantage.


  • Brand Concept, Brand Positioning and Brand Re-positioning
  • Developing Brand Logos, Brand Behavioural Characteristics, Brand Themes, Brand Slogans and Brand Taglines.
  • Evolving Brand Plan and establishing focus areas of the brand.
  • Visualizing and implementing effective Brand Engagement Models with consumers and stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement strategies required to position a new brand in the market.
  • Develop and Implement Strategies for repositioning an existing brand in the market.
  • Developing the complete brand & marketing communication collateral literature.
  • Developing exclusive brand creative.


Today with millions of people connected online and interacting, the digital realm is becoming a more imperative medium through which businesses are offering their Brands, Services and Products and in other cases digital strategy has become a very vital aspect of a company’s business ecosystem.

At MJSPR, we help develop strong and meaningful online presence driven by a 360 Degree Digital Strategy that allows target audiences to connect, interact and engage with your Businesses, Brands, Services or Products in a seamless manner, forming consumer opinions, fostering brand loyalty and driving footfalls.


  • Websites that are Nucleus to the Digital Marketing Process.
  • Creating websites and portals with user centric web designs and mobile first web experiences.
  • Strategic structure and features optimized for online and Social Media promotions.
  • Concept –> Structure & Features –> Content –> Design –> Implementation –> Dynamic Maintenance.


  • Content Strategy.
  • SEO.
  • Online Advertisements and SEM Campaigns based on the Content Strategy.
  • Social Media Strategy, Campaigns, Management and Engagement.
  • Trending and SEO Optimized Blogging.
  • Innovative Database Marketing.


  • Unleash the power of Analytics to drive your Marketing Function more specifically  Measure –> Track –> Insights –> Improvise.
  • We use a host of Analytics Platforms to Measure, Track and Improvise your complete Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Activities.
  • Develop Insights for your Businesses, Brands, Products, Services and Apps.
  • Drive business decisions based on the insights developed.


Creating immersive brand experiences with visual creativity.

Concept, Script, Production

  • Corporate Films.
  • Brand & Product Videos.
  • Infographic based Videos.
  • Animation Movies.
  • Documentaries.


Concept –> Content –> Design–> Implementation.

  1. Developing need basis Offline Branding solutions.
  2. All Branded Physical Communication Collateral for Enterprise, Brands, Products, Services etc.


Concept –> Strategy –> Structure & Composition –> Implementation.

  • Events for Strategic Positioning of Brands / Products / Services/ Individuals.
  • Target audience and stakeholder engagement events.
  • Events for specific larger objectives.
  • Sponsorship based platform events.

Businesses can approach us for Brand Conception, Positioning, Re-positioning, Consumers and Stakeholder Engagement, Digital Marketing or for evolving their comprehensive brand strategy and its complete implementation.

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