FOGSI & Dr. Hema Divakar


  •  FOGSI – Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India is the official body looking into and impacting Women’s Healthcare Scenario in the country across rural, sub-urban and urban communities.
  • FOGSI as an organization had never built its relation and mindshare with the media since its establishment. Media and Public were in oblivion about the role, responsibility and initiatives of FOGSI.
  • FOGSI Presidents of the past were only feebly active and never quite took efforts to represent the organization and have its activities and achievements be visible to Media, Public and healthcare stakeholders in a consistent manner.
  • This was in the Year 2013.


  • To bring FOGSI’s visibility as an organization to the Public eye and healthcare stakeholders
  • To reflect the credentials and credibility of the Organization, lead by its then President Dr. Hema Divakar.
  • To Promote the Profile of Dr. Hema Divakar as the President of FOGSI and the new heights FOGSI would achieve under her leadership. To have the same be visible to national and international Healthcare Communities.
  • Position Dr. Hema Divakar as the thought leader and Visionary in the entire paradigm of Women’s Healthcare and leading Obgyn consultant in the country specializing in high risk pregnancy, neonatal care and other areas of obstetrics.
  • Develop a deep responsible relation with the media to help advocate FOGSI drive changes required in the policy scenario and enhancing public awareness on various critical aspects of Women’s Healthcare.


  • FOGSI’s negligible relation with the Media since establishment.
  • Majority of the Media, Public and Stakeholders were never aware of the clear cut objectives and Roadmap of FOGSI.
  • Absence of a “Spokesperson Approach” so far by its past presidents, if present also it was random and sporadic.
  • All the above put together had created a listening gap and inertia.
  • Since many of the initiative of FOGSI involved connotations with Govt. Authorities and Officials communication to media through Special Events, Press Conferences, Press Releases, Interviews and Articles had to be handled very selectively and sensitively.


  • A complete background analysis on the History of FOGSI’s existence versus achievements. This gave us insights into many wrongly executed and handled internal affairs of the past.
  • We gathered media opinion on FOGSI from the pool of whatever media knew about them; this helped us understand media’s perception about FOGSI. Insights here gave us enough cues on how to reverse engineer FOGSI’s listening with the media in a sustainable manner.
  • We did an independent research on what are the various opportunities FOGSI can exercise to improve healthcare parameters in obstetrics and gynecology, the spectrum if issues they can take-up with the network resources they have, what are the various strategic alliances with which they can implement their initiatives better and have farther outreach. On what matters FOGSI and its President Dr.Hema Divakar will have to liaison with the Govt.
  • Then we acquired 360 degree information on the same from the President, Dr. Hema Divakar.


  • Continuous Exposure to Media at Editor Level so as to bring the voice for advocating various matters which FOGSI is aiming to drive.
  • Enroll Media and engage Healthcare Stakeholders, Govt. Authorities and Public
  • Take FOGSI’s Visibility under Dr. Hema Divakar’s Leadership across all the strategically identified cities for reflection of respective initiatives and activities of FOGSI.

Action Strategy:

  • Deployed extremely aggressive PR Campaigns and Targeted Activities to floor the strategy at multiple levels as a part of which 55 PR Campaign Events were conceived, formulated and delivered across India, from Trichy to Kashmir, in a span of 1 year.
  • Conception to Implementation of Mega Events to Involve, Engage and Transact with Stakeholders, Various World Healthcare Authorities and Health Care Target Media. The Women’s Day event from Idea to Output was implemented by us in under 18hours.
  • Strategic Alliances with various companies for executing initiatives through Strategic Liaison.
  • Elevating Dr. Hema Divakar’s Profile for National and International Recognition by highlighting her achievements and industry engagements as FOGSI President central to the whole pitch play.


  • A total of 936 News Clippings appeared in the target media over the period of 1 year that includes NEWS, Articles, Interviews, this elevated the significance of FOGSI in the Country.
  • Public, Stakeholders and Govt Took notice of all the initiatives, exercises and achievement by FOGSI catapulting the Image of Dr. Hema Divakar the Most Pro-Active President in the History of FOGSI.
  • FOGSI could advocate through media on matters related to Govt. Involvement or Intervention.
  • A resonating relationship was established between FOGSI and Healthcare Stakeholders, along with other international society chapters for Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • An interview of Dr. Hema Divakar in Times Now – Prime Time Slot, strategically positioned to reflect her insights as a thought leader.
  • Hema Divakar was widely accepted as a thought leader in the Women’s Healthcare and Welfare, as reflection of the impact she brought in as the President of FOGSI was visible globally.
  • Hema Divakar is now a well-known Personality in World Women’s Healthcare Forums

Services We Rendered:

  • PR

    • Media Analytics
    • PR Strategy
    • Media Relations
    • Media Training
    • Traditional Media: Press Conferences, Press Releases, Interviews, Articles
    • Content and Editorial Services
    • Issues and Crisis
    • Reputation Management.
    • Internet PR
  • Branding

    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Communication: Strategy and Collaterals
    • Specific Need Basis Brand Graphics and Creatives
  • Strategy Consulting

    • Strategic Liaison
    • Events: Conception to Implementation and stakeholder relationship and management strategy.
    • Image Management Strategy
    • Long Term Solutions for Specific Challenges at FOGSI.
    • Celebrity Liaison

IBS (ICFAI Business School)

Problem Context:

  • In the year 2009 Media Reports the news of TN High Court’s declaration of ICFAI Study Centers in Tamil Nadu being illegal. At various study centers unrest and protest begins.
  • The Mysore Study Center of ICFAI called the INC – ICFAI National College unrest goes uncontrollable with students breaking in and vandalizing the premises in protest of the News that broke in. Students and parents were boiling in Fury. TV News Channels Airing the scenes live
  • Media all over had started projecting news negatively, which only aggravated the scenario further.
  • MJSPR was called in to handle this Crisis by ICFAI, in the afternoon hours of the day.


  1. ICFAI hadn’t considered familiarizing Media about the organization, its vision and roadmap as an important aspect for to build their connection with public.
  2. They didn’t look at PR as an extension of their outreach program since they had a very conventional way of thinking.
  3. Since the declaration came from the TN high court itself, there was a deep resistance in the media to look into the scenario contextually.
  4. Too short a time to put an act together on many fronts to diffuse the crisis scenario.


  • Immediately Our Research team got into the act of retrieving the History of ICFAI, evidences for its establishment Licenses and Accreditations from granting authorities, which can be made available for media consumption.
  • Enquired matters directly with the Management Team of ICFAI
  • Investigated the Accreditations, its category and what it entitles an organization to do and do-not, according to which we found out ICFAI could legally setup their offshoot centers for their distance education program.
  • Analyzed history of ICFAI’s appearance in the media to understand their tone of articles/news appeared previously in various media publications.

Action Strategy:

  • Level 1 Strategy: Diffusing the unrest and vandalism by the student community
    • For the First Level our Strategy was to have the ICFAI management team to address a press conference in Mysore the very same day at early evening hours by inviting the Media to hear from ICFAI over a High Tea where the ICFAI Management team would share their Accreditation details and proofs.
    • The Press Conference was followed by a Press Release that was strategically composed by our education specialist to vindicate the permission to ICFAI by the accreditation authorities for setting up distance education study centers. The Press release before dissemination was consulted with our legal expert.
    • As per the strategy the Press Conference was addressed at 4pm, 4th Aug, 2009. Followed by the dissemination of the Press Release.
    • The Media Next day carried the news from the press conference and the unrest & vandalism receded and subsided the very next day.
    • In the Background our media relations team were in continuous talks with the Editors of various Media houses back peddling them with correct insights and information.

Level 2 Strategy: How to have the media write neutral for ICFAI and How to instill the confidence back among the Public.

  • Media was invited from Bangalore and hosted at the Hyderabad Campus of ICFAI for a two day facility visit and interaction with the Dean and Senior Management. This gave media a clear sense of conviction about ICFAI and its Geniuses.
  • As a result of this Media began to write neutrally about ICFAI, thus re-establishing the confidence of student community.


  • Crisis was put to rest; neutrality was brought to the scenario.
  • The Brand Name of ICFAI stayed intact due to on time recovery from Crisis.
  • We didn’t stop here, we advised ICFAI to continue their efforts with the media and stay interfaced with the target audience by reflecting various initiatives, achievements and activities of ICFAI
  • Going further with a long term plan we did 94 activities for ICFAI that includes Press Conferences, Events, Articles and Interviews that strategically promotes ICFAI as one of the leading organization for business academics in the country. A total of 562 News Clippings appeared out of the 94 activities we did.
  • Ultimately from neutrality we brought their brand recall to positive levels. Where the pinnacle was one of the surveys putting IBS next to IIM-B in Ranking. There was never a negative coverage on IBS since then.



Problem Context:

  • Quick Heal in their early years had a very weak presence in the South Indian Market and were struggling to establish their brand presence with the Target Audience.


  • Creating a strong brand presence in the South Indian Market
  • Develop credible listening with Target Audience and Stakeholder
  • Develop a strong media relation
  • Improve their bottom-line


  • Quick Heal back then a scarcely known brand had to make their presence felt in South India amidst the Monopoly of Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee, the antivirus giants.


  • A comprehensive analysis of Quick Heal versus their Competitors, competitor products, their distribution channels, market share and their overall market strategy.
  • Analysis involved acquiring Opinions & Data from distributors of Antivirus, 3rd party vendors, customers and other direct sources from Antivirus Companies.
  • Our analysis revealed Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee together had a market share of almost 9O % and ranked high in our Brand Loyalty Index Rating, the remaining market was distributed among other international Antivirus brands. Quick Heal only had a negligible percentage in South India which could not be classified as sustainable.


  • From the insights of our research, we decided our strategy will not be about promoting Quick Heal products; instead the strategy would be to create a listening for the brand “Quick Heal” among the South Indian Target Audience and Stakeholders through credible channels.

Implementation Strategy

  • We started by taking up their latest cyber security product called the Laptop Tracker we approached the then Home Minister of AP and got her to endorse this product to be used by the Hyderabad Police, thus Quick Heal officially became the Cyber Crime technology partner of the Hyderabad Police.  A Part of the implementation strategy was to have it announced through a press conference addressed by the Police Commissioner and his team from the Police Headquarters.

Action Course:

  • We repeated the above model and devised campaigns across various cities including Indore to enhance the geographical reach of Quick Heal as a brand in South India.


  • Quick Heal’s brand presence began resonating with the Target Audience and Stakeholders in South India and made their mark there. Their Sales began to improve.
  • Quick Heal also saw Sequoia invest Rs. 60 Crores in them for their expansion
  • During this period, Quick Heal had 100% growth year on year.

How We Solved an Implementation Challenge:

  • The Chairman and CTO of Quick Heal revealed that they cannot be a part of the Press Conferences for this campaign since their presence at the headquarters was unavoidable for critical reasons.
  • Our Founder&CEO Mr. MJ Srikant took up an honorary position of “Vice President Corporate Communications – Quick Heal” to address the Media directly on both technical and strategic aspects of the product and company.

(This campaign is one among the several campaigns we strategized and implemented for Quick Heal)

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