PR Services in Bangalore

Connect  –  Engage  –  Advocate

We evolve and execute a PR Strategy for your Business, Brands or Products, based on Objectives, Media Analytics and Research, which define the PR Activities and Campaigns that needs to be translated across a scheduled timeline.

We define where, how, and how often should you be visible and be heard off as a company, brand or product, what is the specific messaging that needs to be conveyed, how a strong media mindshare could be evolved over time, what are the ways you could gain the confidence and loyalty of your target audience and stakeholder community.

With our combined expertise in Traditional PR, Strategic PR & Advocacy and Online PR, we then partner with clients as their trusted advisors to create, enhance and sustain their Brand Identity, Brand Visibility and Brand Exposure in the Market via various platforms of Media.

We finally Connect, Engage and Advocate with your target audience and stakeholders meaningfully and create an experience that will allow your business, brands or products to break through the market clamour with Campaigns, driven by our evolved PR Strategy.

  • PAN India PR Delivery with our Network established in 35 Cities.
  • A strong network of 800+ Journalists across the nation.
  • Over 15 Content Writers with specific Domain Expertise.
  • An excellent team of Media Experts, PR Strategists and Analysts with a combined experience of over 50 Years.
  • In depth understanding of the psyche and nuances of the Media and Media Response Patterns.
  • Excellent Capability in Traditional PR, Strategic PR and Advocacy and Online PR.
  • A strong history of achieving specific client objectives through Strategic Liaison with the Authorities, PMO, Ministers, Elected Political Leaders, Bureaucrats and other Influential Personalities.

Different segments & no of clients in each segment

  • Media Analytics & Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Audience Demographics
  • Media Visibility (Print, Online, Electronic)
  • Media Relations
  • Media Campaigns
  • Public Affairs and Advocacy
  • Issues and Crisis
  • Online PR Services
  • Tailor Made PR Events for Brands, Products and Services
  • PR for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Traditional Media
    • Press Conferences
    • Press Releases
    • Media Interviews
    • Feature Articles
    • Authored Articles
    • Industry Articles.
    • Editorial Meetings for deriving Strategic Synergy with Media

We handle the complete thread seamlessly

  • Content and Editorial Services
  • Media Training
  • PR Creative
    • Our team of experts in creative design will conceive, design and deliver the creative collateral aligned for your PR Campaigns and Events.
    • Media Photography & Video Coverage by our Visual Communication Team
  • Media Crisis Management

We provide tailor-made Crisis Management Strategy and execute them as both preventive and post crisis measures. We have the comfort of strong liaison abilities with the authorities that matter and the Media.

  • Safeguarding Brands from Possible Crisis.
  • Averting a Media Crisis
  • Diffusing Media crisis scenarios
  • Post Crisis Reputation recovery

Assured media coverage, most often it exceeds expectations

We have great traction with both traditional and new segments of Media

  • Print Media – English Dailies and Vernacular Dailies
  • Electronic Media – National & Regional
  • Newswire – National and International
  • Online News Portals
  • B2B Publications
  • Magazines
  • Breakthrough the Market Noise.
  • Be Seen Be Heard in an Uncommon Manner
  • Gain Excellent Media Mindshare
  • Deeper Connect and Engagement with your Target Audience
  • A Sustained Brand Image and Identity

Businesses can approach us for their complete PR Mandate or for Case to Case Specific PR Assignments. We evolve tailor made PR Solutions.

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